Your dog needs his immune system to protect him from disease. But modern dog allergy medications can damage the way it works … sometimes permanently.

What Is A Dog’s Immune System?

Your dog’s immune system is an extraordinary network of cells, tissues and organs that work together to defend against attacks from foreign invaders that cause infection and illness. The immune system is amazingly complex, recognizing and remembering millions of enemies and able to wipe out each one of them. 

How Dog Immune Systems Work

I’ve always thought that if a country’s military commanders did an in-depth study of how immune systems worked, that country would never lose a war.  One important secret to the success of this system is an elaborate communications network that’s organized into swarming subsets, passing information back and forth. These cells rapidly enlist their fellows and direct recruits to trouble spots with special helpers. 

Unfortunately, most of the conventional medications we routinely use for the most common problems in dogs work to sabotage, if not destroy, this most precious asset. Allergies are a good example.