Last year, we released our OG collection of Pride toys (including the “YAS KWEEN” crown and “Death Drop Squirrel”) and ya’ll loved ’em so much we had to gently beg resident Toy Zaddy (a.k.a. our toy designer, Derek) to COME 👏 THROUGH 👏 AGAIN 👏. (He did.)


NEW PRIDE COLLECTION. Tell us about it!

This year’s Pride toys were concepted by myself, Morgan Linscott, and Adam Beauchner. Coming off of the fun assortment from last year, we wanted to extend that “we see you/we get you/we are you” Pride experience.

Morgan created the adorable new Pride animal characters as nods to the LGBTQ+ community. Think of them as little queer cuddle buddies for your dog. Originally we had like 10 in the assortment because they were so much fun, but ultimately decided to keep it tighter this year.



I see some familiar faces debuting new looks! What inspired you to switch up Ollie and Consuela?

Thought it would be fun to let some of our best-selling characters in on the Pride celebration. Ollie’s 8 tentacles were the perfect canvas for the modern Pride flag and Consuela’s rip-n-reveal feature felt like a natural “coming out” story. (We’re so proud of her).


Psssst; you can get these two free in your first box! Head on over.

Super Chewer also joined the party this year! Who designed these toys?

That was Katie Lim, the director of Super Chewer toy design!


What’s your favorite toy in this collection?

Such a tough one because they’re all so good – and I really love Morgan’s new characters! But the winner might be Consuela. She’s such a Bark icon and her Rip N Reveal feature makes for the perfect “coming out” story.

Check out all of the new characters here!

We’re happy to announce that a portion of the proceeds from all of these toys will go to One Tail at a Time in Chicago and their efforts to house youth transitioning out of homelessness in partnership with an LGBTQIA+ organization! OTAT transformed the apartment above their training and behavior center for residents to foster pets in need, and also provide veterinary care and pet supplies to the community. They are now working to establish ongoing education programs with hands-on volunteer opportunities at a local LGBTQIA+ friendly housing center, which they hope will help identify residents for the foster apartment and provide the therapeutic benefits of dogs. 

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