My Audrey has hemangiosarcoma. Actually, she’s had it for over a 12 months.

In case you have a canine with hemangiosarcoma, that may sound unusual to you … solely 12% of canine with this lethal most cancers make it previous 12 months.

However Audrey is set to beat the chances … and I’m decided to assist her. And I consider turkey tail mushrooms are an enormous a part of Audrey’s success.

So immediately, I need to share an essential examine with you. I hope your canine by no means will get this aggressive most cancers, however understanding this analysis will actually assist.

What Is Hemangiosarcoma?

Hemangiosarcoma occurs when endothelial cells go rogue. Endothelial cells construct blood vessels, so these vascular tumors are most typical in organs with good blood provide. Probably the most generally affected organs are the spleen, liver, coronary heart and pores and skin.

Breeds which are most liable to hemangiosarcoma embody:

  • German Shepherds
  • Golden Retrievers
  • Labrador Retrievers

The signs of hemangiosarcoma fluctuate, relying on the place the most cancers is.

Pores and skin tumors typically present up as purple or purple bumps, which might bruise or bleed. Tumors below the pores and skin might really feel like a benign fatty tumor, and may be both tender or agency.

The spleen is the commonest location for hemangiosarcoma. If the tumors have an effect on the interior organs, you’ll often see:


    Unexplained weight reduction


    Bulging stomach

    Decreased stamina

    Decreased urge for food

    Elevated panting

    Pale gums

    Weak spot



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A Bleak Outlook

The unhappy information about hemangiosarcoma is that the survival price isn’t very lengthy.

An important remedy is to take away the tumor, if doable. Standard remedy may also embody chemotherapy.

Even with remedy, the median survival price for hemangiosarcoma is poor. If left untreated, most canine survive simply days or perhaps weeks. Surgical procedure can prolong the survival time to 1 – three months. And surgical procedure plus chemotherapy can generally prolong the survival time by one other three months.

Solely 12% of canine with hemangiosarcoma stay a 12 months previous prognosis … even with remedy.

That’s the dangerous information. However a 2012 examine at College of Pennsylvania affords extra hope …

Enter The Turkey Tail Mushroom

Turkey tail mushroom (Coriolus versicolor) has been utilized in Chinese language drugs for hundreds of years. Actually, it’s one of the researched mushrooms there may be.

Turkey tail mushrooms carry an array of well being advantages. They’re immune modulating and are good prebiotics. However there are two parts which have most cancers researchers excited: Polysaccharide-Ok (PSK) and polysaccharide-P (PSP).

Each PSK and PSP are beta-glucans … that are fibers that give the mushroom its construction. Beta-glucans can bind on to your canine’s immune cells and restore a wholesome immune response. Additionally they bind to macrophages, that are the immune cells liable for destroying most cancers cells.

Turkey tail is effectively researched for its cancer-fighting properties … it’s been proven to increase survival time in sufferers with breast, abdomen and colorectal most cancers. These promising outcomes prompted researchers to look at how this highly effective mushroom would possibly affect the survival time in canine with hemangiosarcoma.

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Turkey Tail Mushroom Analysis Exhibits Promise

In 2012, researchers on the College of Pennsyvania examined how polysaccharopeptide (PSP) from turkey tail mushrooms might assist canine with hemangiosarcoma. They gave PSP from turkey tail to canine in a double blind examine … with no different remedies.  

The examine outcomes had been outstanding … the canine within the examine had the longest survival occasions ever reported for canine with the illness. With out surgical procedure and with out chemotherapy.

Once they analyzed the outcomes, the researchers recognized two vital findings:

  1. The canine had a for much longer time earlier than metastasis.
  2. The survival time appeared to extend with the dimensions of the dose.

The survival time in canine with out remedy averaged 86 days. However the remedy teams noticed significantly better survival occasions:

  • Common survival time with 50mg/kg turkey tail day by day: 117 days
  • Common survival time with 100mg/kg turkey tail day by day: 199 days

“We had been shocked,” stated professor and division chair Dorothy Cimino Brown.

“Previous to this, the longest reported median survival time of canine with hemangiosarcoma of the spleen that underwent no additional remedy was 86 days. We had canine that lived past a 12 months with nothing aside from this mushroom as remedy.

The variations in survival between the three dosage teams weren’t statistically important. However the median survival time was highest within the 100 mg group … at 199 days.

The researchers had been so stunned by the outcomes, they rechecked the tissue biopsies. But the pathologists confirmed the canine actually did have hemangiosarcoma.

No Aspect Results

Chemotherapy is the primary typical possibility for managing hemangiosarcoma … however this examine exhibits it is probably not possibility.

“It doesn’t massively improve survival, it’s costly … and it means a whole lot of backwards and forwards to the vet for the canine,” says Brown. “So you need to determine in high quality of life.”

Turkey tail mushrooms can provide homeowners a approach to prolong their pet’s life … with out common journeys to the vet. And the researchers discovered no proof of adversarial results.


My Turkey Tail Story

The excellent news is, mushroom beta-glucans work on many alternative cancers. Actually, PSP has been patented as an anti-cancer drug in each China and Japan. This examine is hopefully the catalyst for higher managed research on canine with hemangiosarcoma and different cancers.

Right this moment, Audrey continues to be chugging alongside. She enjoys day by day walks within the woods and he or she eats with urge for food. I do know my days with Audrey are restricted, however I’m thrilled that she’s been doing so effectively. And I really feel that her day by day mushrooms have added to her beating odds which are very a lot in opposition to her.

“Though hemangiosarcoma is a really unhappy and devastating illness,” says Brown, “in the long run, if we show that this works, this remedy is usually a very nice different for homeowners to have elevated high quality time with their pet on the finish of its life.”

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