When Long Island veteran Phoebe Ervin’s beloved Pomeranian passed away unexpectedly in May, she was naturally devastated. 

She and Pommy had been together for years — and the dog helped Ervin cope with her PTSD from being in the military. On May 13, Pommy got loose from his harness and was run over by a car. The driver has not been found. 

Pommy helped Ervin cope with life and stay calm throughout fireworks and thunderstorms. Without him, Ervin was struggling. That was until the kind owner of a pet shop in New Hyde Park, New York decided to make a selfless and surprise donation to Ervin. 

New York
Image: Screenshot via ABC7

Sarah Greenstein, the owner of the Left Paw pet shop, surprised Ervin with a new Pomeranian puppy to help heal her heart after the loss. It was the same shop that Ervin had gotten her beloved Pommy from years ago, and after everything she had done for the country, Greenstein thought it was the least she could do. 

“Phoebe has served our country, and she has made it possible for someone like me to have the freedoms that I have,” Greenstein told ABC7. “I’m very thankful for that, so when she needed us, we had to step up.”

Richard Nicolello
Image: Screenshot via ABC7

Ervin’s friend was walking Pommy while she was out of town at her daughter’s graduation. She was devastated when she found out that he had gotten hit — and it began taking a major toll on her mental health. 

“I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t sleep,” Ervin said. “I was forgetting to take my medication, which is so important.”

Phoebe Ervin
Image: Screenshot via ABC7

Ervin said she called Greenstein to tell her what happened to Pommy.

“We immediately started to find a Pomeranian for her, because we knew that’s what she wanted, what she needed,” Greenstein said.

Ervin’s new puppy is a Pomeranian just like her beloved Pommy. His name is Pancake. 

Ever since Ervin received Pancake, she can feel the pressure of life just melt away. His presence is so calming for her, and Ervin is so thankful for the kind gesture. 

New York
Image: Screenshot via ABC7

“Ever since I had him, I’m calmer, my pressure has gone down,” Ervin said. “I feel myself coming back.”

That’s all that Ervin can ask for. 

After Greenstein surprised Ervin with Pancake, Nassau County Legislature Presiding Officer Richard Nicolello honored the store with a ceremony to thank her for helping Ervin in her time of need.

H/T: ABC 7

Featured Image: Screenshot via ABC7

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